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10 free ways to boost your mobile signal

Not able to make an urgent call due to poor mobile signal?

poor mobile signal
poor mobile signal

Big trees, hills, buildings, landscapes may cause interruption in mobile signal reaching directly to your mobile. In this topic, I am going to describe some of the unknown tips or technology hacks to boost your mobile signal without changing your service provider or mobile.

1: Go Near a Window or remove stuff that break Mobile Signal

Building walls are notorious for blocking signal path. You can go near a window and open it. Your mobile get direct mobile signal reception and you can make a urgent call or use your internet.

2: Get to a less-dense area for uninterrupted cellular signal

Have you ever experienced voice break or bad internet connection in celebrity rock concerts or at huge gatherings. Because a lot of people at the same time use mobile for calling or internet. So, the nearest tower gets a lot of load to process. You can move a mile to experience better signal strength as your mobile will access another cellular tower that has less load.

3: Get to top or upper area for direct mobile signal from tower

As you go higher and higher, there will be less interruption such as trees, walls, or buildings between your mobile and tower. Thus, you will get a better signal if you go to your terrace and try using your phone.

4: Avoid too many electronic appliances

A lot of electronic appliances such as microwave, radio or transistor, television, iPad, power lines, etc emit different types of waves or electromagnetic field that can interfere with your mobile signal. Hence, you can switch off them for a better mobile signal strength.

5: Charge your mobile or avoid battery status reaching critically low

When your mobile battery status reaches critically low, your smartphone try to limit the resources or save the resources. So, you get a poor connection. In that case, you can charge your mobile full to get heightened network strength.

6: Close unnecessary apps for stronger Mobile Signal

When there are a lot of apps run behind the screen, they eat a lot of resources. So, the capacity of your mobile processing is distributed among several apps. You can close the unnecessary apps to boost mobile signal.

7: Switch On/Off Airplane Mode

Sometimes, your cell phone sticks to one cellular tower even if that does not provide enough signal. In that case, go to Settings and Switch on Airplane Mode. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, switch on the Airplane Mode. Now your cell phone will find for the strongest cellular signal providing tower and access its signal. Thus, you will get better signal strength.

8: Call using WiFi Network

In some of the countries, network providers gives us the ability to make calls using our WiFi internet. So, you can search for those services to use them.

9: Watch your Antenna

If you have ever got a chance to see the mobiles in 1990s or early 2000s, you might have noticed a small antenna at top of mobile. But now all the modern mobile companies conceal their antenna within the Mobile itself. So, always try to make a call making the device upright. It will give you better mobile signal strength.

10: Use Signal Booster

If you stay in an apartment or in a building, where you have poor signal strength all the time, you can buy a Signal Booster device or Signal Repeater. That will fetch the outside signal and boost it within your room. Then, you can use your mobile for making calls or using internet.

In conclusion, you can try all the above tips for better performing mobiles. You can also refer 10 must know android tips and hacks for other important android tips or technology hacks.

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