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Must Know Android Tips and Hacks for Your Android Phones

There are a lot of things available in your smartphone than you might know, which will make your daily life more convenient. You should know 10 Must Have Android Apps for any Android Mobile to install at your first purchase. Here, I discuss about the most-know android tips and hacks to solve your day to days issues in your phone.

1. Use Hardware Button to Take a Photo in your Mobile

Most of the mobiles come with volume button as the default button to take a photo.  You can set a gesture, voice or button in camera settings to take a photo.  Many people may know it, but I figured it late.  Now I can take great selfies with simple gestures and volume button according to situation demands.

2.  Use Map of an Area with no Connection

If you are travelling to a new area where you might not have the cell service, you can download the Google Maps for that area beforehand.  Just pull up the area in Google Map and then type “Ok Maps” in the Search Box.  Google Map will then initiate download the map of that area, which you can use even if you don’t have any network or internet connection.

3. Document Digitization

You cannot have all your documents with you always.  So, it is better to have all your documents in digital format.  You can take snaps of your documents with your Android mobile camera and convert them into PDFs or other version as per your need using CamScanner and Evernote Applications.

4. Charge Your Mobile With Smart TV

If you are travelling and you forgot your mobile charger.  Do not worry.  Now most of the hotels, guesthouse, or hostels have Smart TV.  These TVs have USB port in the Back Panel.  You can charge your mobile there.

5. Put Your Other Contact Information On Lock Screen

Never forget to put your contact information on Lock Screen as that will help the finder of the mobile to reach you.  In emergency or in accident cases, also people can contact your family with the Lock Screen Information.  You can add the information by going to Settings >> Security >> Lock screen.

6. Speed Up Charging Of Your Android Phone

Actually, your network signal plays a major role in battery draining.  If you live in a area with poor signal, your battery dies quickly.  Also while charging, mobile power is draining due to network.  You can speed up charging of your mobile if you enable Airplane Mode.  Also, you can fast charge your mobile if you switch off your mobile.  In this way, you can reduce the charging time around 20 to 25%.

7. Find Setting

In many Android phones, Settings Icon is not easy to find.  So when you want to get into setting, just search “Setting” in search box.  Android Phone have search option at the top.  You can access the Search box if you swipe from top to bottom on screen.

8.  Boost Your Signal

If you do not get enough signal to make an urgent call or upload some pics, you can enable the Aeroplane Mode for 5 to 10 seconds and disable Aeroplane Mode.  Then, your phone will find the strongest network tower available at that time.

9.  Speed Up Your Android Phone

After using your mobile for a few days, it gets slow.  You can boost your mobile processing capacity by going to Setting >> Storage.  Then, clear the cache data.  After clearing the data, your mobile will speed up processing of the data.  You can also close all the background apps to boost your mobile processing.

10.  Remove Bloatware and Unused Apps

Having a lot of pre-installed bloatwares or apps can make your mobile slug or hang on day to day operations.  You can remove them by going through Settings >> Apps >> Click on the App >> Force Stop or Uninstall.  Repeat the process until you clear or stop all the bloatwares.  Then, you will have optimized performance.

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