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10 Must Have Android Apps (Android App) for any Android Mobile

Smartphones have become our part of life as they can do multitasking such as calling our contacts, booking tickets, setting reminders, etc. Now, a large chunk of people use Android OS for the smartphones. So, an android app is the piece of software that performs a certain functionality. Here, we will discuss about the 10 must have apps for any android mobile that you should install after buying one Android Mobile.

1. The First of my must have android app is WhatsApp


One of the must have android apps is WhatsApp. This is a messenger application.  Once installed, you can chat with your contacts saved in your mobile.  It runs using your internet.  So, you will incur no extra charges from the Network service providers apart from the data.  There is no constraint about the type of data.  You can send images, docs, files, videos, audios, etc.  With WhatsApp android app, you can also do the audio calling as well as video calling.

2. Google Drive

Once installed Google Drive android app, you can put any file there that you can access at any place at anytime.  With Google Account, you get 15 GB of free space.  You can  share your files with your contacts or invite them to edit them.  Google Drive android app is a highly secured application to store and share your online documents with ease.  This android app also provides scan feature where you can scan your bills or documents and that will be saved as a PDF in Drive.  Google Drive android app provides powerful search facility.  If you search a word “Taj Mahal”, it will search for the word in the documents, scanned pdf, images, other possible files and as well as images of actual Taj Mahal.

3. Google Assistant

If you use Android Device, you will get this android app pre-installed.  Google Assistant will make your life more easy if you explore and do your daily stuff regularly.  Suppose you want to set your alarm at 5:30 am in the morning, just click on Google Assistant or the speaker sign and tell it “Set the alarm at 5:30 am”.  Then it will do accordingly.  You can call your contacts, set an appointment, open calendar, set reminders, open any application, etc using Google Assistant android app.

4. Swiftkey for Texting

This is a keyboard application enabling faster typing in mobile.  It shows possible words while typing, but does not store your password or sensitive information.

5. WPS Office

This app helps you open any type MS office documents such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and it can open pdfs.  This also works as a converter.  You can convert all your office documents into PDFs.  It has sharing capability so that you can share your docs using WIFI, Email, Whatsapp, etc.

6. Google Chrome

This app does not need any introduction or description as it is the most famous browser now a days.  You can browse websites or check any web applications.  It is fast and compresses data while downloading.  You can save data while using Google Chrome.

7. Google Maps

One of the must have android apps is Google Maps. This is the most vital and important android app for the youngsters who roam quite a lot for searching jobs, companies, institutions, etc.  This has become an instant hit among cab drivers across the globe for geo-locating and navigating in the city.  This android app also suggests the best routes for travelling after checking the traffic.  So, when you search an address in Google Map and then click on the Directions, it will show you routes for reaching your destination.  You can choose any route and travel accordingly.

8. MX Player

You can play all types of audio formats using MX Player android app.  However, you can watch videos using this android app.  Now, MX Player shows a lot of online TV shows and Web Series.  This is a great tool to kill time if you are getting bored.

9. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens helps you to take a snapshot of any document, optimizing it, and converting it to PDF or other formats that you can use.  So, this android app provides sharing capability in case you need the docs to be shared using WIFI, Email, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, etc.

10. Youtube

Youtube android app comes pre-installed with your device.  You can watch any latest music, trailers, news, webcasts, games, sports, motivational videos or anything related to your interest using this android app.  You have to browse in the youtube for your preferred videos. Also, you can watch directly youtube videos on the following link.

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